joi, 9 septembrie 2010

Ingrid Michaelson&Jason Mraz - You and I

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Cata O spunea...

let's get poor and loose our houses
and let's forget all that we read
let us sweat like pigs and have romances
on the asphalt in the back of our block of flats

let's go down, down, where nobody's gone before
and eat some leftovers in the pizza-house next door
get the dog out of his home
eat his bone

and nevertheless make war, not love

let's inhale a boul of soup
out of poor man's home
and get ready for the ball
cause the night is coming, don't you think

get your shoes off, I don't care
bring that beer-bottle, oh dear
we're going to pretend it's beer
and sit all night in freezing cold out here

Liliana spunea...

imi place stilul tau de a stii ca ai unul:) mai impotriva curentului asa, sa-i zicem boemo-rebel

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