miercuri, 21 iulie 2010

Melanie Safka -- Here I am

O melodie moody, reflexie pentru mine intocmai a imprejurimilor si a atmosferei momentane :-)

What do you think? Boring? Chill? Stare dezirabila? Sau de rupt la fuga de ea? :-)

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Cata O spunea...

am trecut in seara asta in drum spre casa printr-un bar si am cantat.. nu, barul nu e casa mea.. am cantat Brand New Key.. pentru o audienta restransa si afona ca si mine care m-a aplaudat la sfarsit, nu stiu daca de bucurie ca am coborat de pe scena sau de ce, oricum ador genul asta de public.. cu ei, nu dau gres niciodata.. ei sunt acolo la bine si la greu (aviz amatorilor) !

Liliana spunea...

vocea e buna:D

data viitoare sa incerci genul flamenco, gen succesul e asigurat:)

Cata O spunea...

Rihana are o voce mai buna, pacat ca o bate iubitu'.. si da, esti printre putinele persoane care m-au auzit cantand flamenco, si cred ca iti amintesti ca nu despre succes e vorba, ci mai degraba despre o comuniune spirituala.. sau spirtuala.. cum era ?!

Aadiahh spunea...

Sorry that I can't understand this language and read what people have to say about this beautiful haunting song.
I think it is chill

Cata O spunea...

well :)
vlad was saying this song fits his mood and he asks about the song, so as to find out something about his mood, too..
I'm replying talking about me (like in a deaf dialogue) and how I coincidentally sang Brand New Key in a bar last night in a small-number, unaware audience, but who received the song with a heartly applause for no apparent reason..
Lili is talking about the voice and teasing me that I should try something else
I'm replying it's the mood, not the voice..

hell, we should've written English in the 1st place :))

Liliana spunea...

lily vanily was right:)

vlad popic spunea...

yeah, right, it's precisely the mood that I was asking about, but the voice isn't too bad either (I mean, Melanie's voice, although I might think at Cata O's - as well) :-)
on the other hand, the deaf dialogue is ok once other senses come into play (to whom this may concern!:-D) ;;-)
anyway, as you might have already noticed from the last comments, we weren't actually saying anything about the song, which rather "speaks" for itself...

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